Visa Information/ 签证信息

Visa Information




Visas are not required for:
British passport holders for stays up to 180 days – or 90 days for citizens of British Dependent Territories and British Overseas citizens
citizens of Australia, Canada, the EU, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and the USA for stays up to 90 days
holders of many African (including South African), South American and Middle Eastern passports for visits of 30 days or less.
Anyone wishing to stay longer than the visa-free period must apply for a visa before travelling to Hong Kong.

If you require a visa, you must apply beforehand at the nearest Chinese consulate or embassy; see

Visa extensions must be applied for in person at the Hong Kong Immigration Department seven days from visa expiry.

If you plan to visit mainland China, you must have a visa.

You can check all visa requirements at


Feature: China Visas

Everyone except Hong Kong Chinese residents must have a visa to enter mainland China. Visas can be arranged by China Travel Service, the mainland-affiliated agency; a good many hostels and guesthouses; and most Hong Kong travel agents.

At the time of writing, holders of Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and most EU passports – but not USA ones – can get a single visa on the spot for around HK$150 at the Lo Wu border crossing, the last stop on the MTR’s East Rail. This visa is for a maximum stay of five days within the confines of the Shēnzhn Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The queues for these visas can be interminable, so it is highly recommended that you shell out the extra money and get a proper China visa before setting off, even if you’re headed just for Shēnzhn. If you have at least a week to arrange your visa yourself, you can go to the Visa Office of the People’s Republic of China. For further details see